FCICA position on concrete moisture testing: “Use an independent, third party, certified company”.



With all the above referenced factors listed, it is unreasonable to expect a flooring installer to be responsible to correct concrete problems that they have had no role in creating. While they are continually encouraged to develop sufficient expertise to anticipate and ask the proper questions for evaluation of potential concrete/flooring problems, it is not their responsibility to correct problematic substrate conditions created by others.

Another factor is that the flooring contractor has a vested interest in ensuring the integrity of the substrate as being 100% suitable prior to beginning the flooring installation process. We know the adage – “once you start installing, you own the floor.” For this reason, flooring contractors are often viewed as having a built in agenda to get change orders for flatness and moisture mitigation that are naturally resisted by the general contractor, owner and/or architect. An independent testing company has no such agenda; they test the substrate and report the results. Decisions can then be based on unbiased test results.

General contractors and flooring contractors must be made aware of all of the test results. Most flooring manufacturers have specific test criteria and limits required for the moisture conditions of concrete. The flooring contractor should only commence installation once these requirements are met and should not begin flooring installation if any requirement is outside of the manufacturer recommended limits.

FCICA recommends that one of the best ways to ensure fair and responsible testing is to specify that it be done by a third party independent and/or certified testing company. Their results are clear and unbiased. The project can then proceed in accordance with the findings.

October 4, 2013 Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association (FCICA)

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