Don’t try this at home!

Per CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) installation standard 9.1:
“Before direct glue-down, double glue-down and some stretch-in installations, the owner or general contractor, or their designated testing agent, is required to submit to the flooring contractor a written report on the moisture and alkalinity conditions of the concrete substrates.”

“Note: It is recommended that qualified third-party testing agencies be used for determining moisture and alkalinity conditions of a concrete slab. Testing by an independent third-party specialist to determine installation suitability is a prudent and necessary safeguard for general contractors, owners, architects, flooring product providers and installation contractors to reduce the risk of concrete slab moisture related flooring problems.”

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  • chuck says:

    B.C.C. is an independent, third-party, certified concrete moisture testing specialist. Contact us with questions or concerns about any type of floor covering.

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